Easily embeddable maps with custom markers

Give us a CSV file with location data in it. We'll give you an embeddable map with custom markers, search, filters, and more...


SleepyMap is a new project, we're adding new features all the time.

Gorgeous Maps

We've got a range of high-resolution map themes for you to pick from. They look amazing on all devices.

Location Search

Just start typing, with autocomplete and fuzzy matching, you're sure to find where you're after.

Marker Search

Your users can search across all your markers to find exactly what they need.


We're using some pretty cool tech under the hood to make sure your maps load quickly and rarely crash.

Marker Filter

As well as search, we enable super quick filtering, so your users can turn whole groups of markers off and on as needed.


SleepyMap can automatically fetch your latest map data from your spreadsheet. So your map stays up to date without any hassle.


We can take addresses from your spreadsheet and automatically convert it to precise map locations.


London tube stations, on a map, embedded. Done.


Simple pricing, no contracts, 60-day money-back guarantee.

£5 per map

A single map will cost you £5 per month for every 1,000 markers and searches.

So the more markers you have on the map, or the more your map gets used, the more it costs.

£10 concierge

Our concierge service will take postal addresses in your spreadsheet and turn them into coordinates on your map.

It costs £10 for every 1,000 addresses you convert.

£1 turndown

Our turndown service automatically fetches the latest map data from your spreadsheet.

It costs £1 per month.

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