Privacy Policy

Last Updated: 4th June 2020

At SleepyMap we try to collect, store, and use as little of your personal data as possible. In this privacy policy we briefly outline the data that we do process.

Map Users

If you browse to a webpage that has a SleepyMap map embedded in it we will collect very little data from you. We may set some cookies in order to be able to cache the map and search data. No personal data is ever processed by our systems.

Map Creators

If you create and administer a SleepyMap map then we will collect, store, and process a small amount of your personal data. This data includes:

  • Using Auth0 to verify your identity. This involves storing your username, email, and (hashed) password. We would also store some of your Google Account information if you select to login in via Google
  • Using Algolia to store your map data
  • Using our own database to store your map settings
  • Using Stripe to store and process payment details